Hello all!

I really wanted to record an episode to let you all know that I've got to put the podcast on an indefinite hiatus, but... well I guess  the hiatus started before I could get it done.

It's for both happy and sad reasons. I've had a major change in responsibilities at work, have gone from basically the bottom of company food/responsibility chain to the top. I'm running a not-super-small-but-not-big business with my hubby now and until that settles I'm terribly short on spare time. I think it will settle though, once we fix all the problems we inherited. It's odd, I never thought running a business like this would appeal to me, but it's a strangely creative process. And I get to make SO MANY LISTS.

On the other side of things, there has been very recently been an unexpected death in my family. I'm just not up to fulfilling all my commitments, both creatively and socially, right now. Life goes on and good memories carry forward, but right now we're all trying to figure out how to navigate the emotional space left behind. We'll be ok though, it just takes time.

So for now, much love to you all, and I hope your holidays are bright and filled with yarn!