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Knit City Acquisitions

Hello my dears! I've been trying to get some blog posts down for ages, but life... it gets in the way. I've taken a position on our housing co-operative's board of directors, and I'm still re-adjusting my work/life balance. Also the Christmas knitting. Oh the knitting. And sewing. And embroidering. I'm screwed.

Anyway, my purchases on Knit City weekend ranged from pretty damned restrained to all sorts of splurgey. I was faced with so much beautiful yarn that desperately wanted to come home with me, but I've been experiencing some yarn-stash-size guilt lately and I resisted. I nearly went crazy in the Indigo Dragonfly booth, but in the end I was able to escape. I did indulge in some fibre though!

These pretty white batts from Caliope's Fibre look like sparkly decorative Christmas snow, and they have some interesting wools in them. Wensleydale! Whitefaced Woodland! I'm sensing some lace or sock weight. In their future.

I indulged in another single batt from Caliope's Fibre as well, probably for corespinning. I'm a textiles geek, and this batt has Ramie in it! Cool! Also she has a discount for sets of three, and I'm a sucker for a sale.

My only other market purchase was a little more luxurious, but oh my was it worth it! I bought 200g of 50/50 merino/yak fibre from Sweet Georgia, in this fall's sumptuous Tapestry colourway. It's almost immeasurably soft and I plan to do something really special with it. I'm thinking of separating the colours into a gradient and spinning a laceweight for the Evenstar shawl. Wouldn't that be spectacular?

My true splurge though? I went to the Fluevog store in Gastown. And I bought something. And I have never regretted a large purchase less than these gorgeous, gorgeous ankle boots. They're luscious, wonderfully comfy considering they're the highest heel I've owned that I can actually stand in (hush, I know they're not that high, but I'm unbelievably clumsy and I loathe shoe pain), and have the perfect style combination of western, equestrian, and motorcycle chic. Also I have no other black shoes. My only worry is that I've begun a very expensive shoe addiction. The service in the Gastown location was phenomenal. Go see them.

There you have it folks! Now I must resist purchases for a few months! I'm going to guess I trip up around Black Friday, but I'll do my best. Wish me luck!



Handspun Knee High Socks of Awesomeness

I have always wanted to knit myself knee high socks - I am extremely gifted in the calf-size department, so commercially made knee-highs are a no-go. There are some amazing patterns out there, but again, giant calves. However, I am more than comfortable in my sock knitting skills, so I decided to wing it, from the toe up. To make the whole project even better, I decided to use handspun.

The fibre was this pile of superwash merino and nylon gorgeousness from Smith and Ewe:

Which made an enormous amount of light-fingering weight n-ply:

Which made this boss-fight worthy pair of socks:

They were knit from the toe up with a Fleegle Heel. I increased as needed in the calf (A LOT, for the record). Rather than relying on ribbing to hold the socks up, I worked in stockinette until they were tall enough, doubled my stitches, and double knit for a few rows, creating a casing for some elastic. I am so proud of those cuffs...

Check out all the increases! Badass... Sorry for the blurry picture, it's unbelievably difficult to take a picture of the back of one's calves without falling over.

Aren't they pretty!?! I'm looking forward to cool weather so I can actually wear them.



Camp Out Mitts = Awesome

I was feeling a little down the other day. I didn't feel like knitting on my WIP's, I didn't feel like pulling out the wheel, spindling seemed pointless. Everything was just very meh. And then I realized what my lack of knitting mojo/excess of ennui was hinged on: I didn't have a handspun project going! Naturally I dug out the best and brightest of my handspun stash, because if you're needing a boost, this is the yarn:

It's BFL in the Fever colourway from Spun Right Round. It's the first time I was able to intentionally spin that plump 2-ply look that shows off barber-poled colour so well. I adore this yarn. I had it queued up with the Camp Out fingerless Mitts by Tante Ehm - an awesome, easy, free pattern that looks amazing with handspun. My yarn was no exception.

Can I just say how much I adore

fractal spinning

? Notice, if you will, that the location of the colours in one of the plies (the short colour repeat ply, to be precise) perfectly match on both mitts. Orange at the top of the stockinette, red, purple, then turquoise on the wrist, and so on. But the other ply is in a different stage of the colour sequence, so the mitts look totally different! It's amazing!

I made them as long as I could without having to increase for arm fatness, and I still have a nice little ball of yarn left. I used about 90 yards. Each mitt was finished in a single 1-2 hour sitting. My ennui is cured!



Doesn't Share Well With Others

I have this grand idea that when I finish things, I'll put them on the blog. That said, if sharing is caring then I'm a heartless bastard. So yet again, here's a big post full of all the things I forgot to show you. Handspun things this time! Beware: so many pictures ahead. If you don't like pictures of pretty yarn... Are you lost?

Corespun, from a batt by

Blushing Ewe

Super bulky n-ply, "Chavalier" on Falkland from

Fat Cat Knits

Shetland in "Porch Blanket" from

Edgewood Garden Studio

Inglenook Fibers

batt, "Camelot”

My first finished supported spindle yarn - a local alpaca/merino/tencel batt.

A crazy art batt from

Spin Culture

called "Firetrap"

And since I got the Lendrum just recently:

"Silver Threads Among the Gold" BFL from

Edgewood Garden Studio

Merino/Silk Laceweight from

Muse Fibreworks

Fabulous glitzy layered batts from

Caliope's Fibre

There's more on the bobbins, but it'll have to wait!



Fibres West

I know it was two weeks ago, but I swear I'm still recovering from all the awesomeness that was Fibres West. It was a fun, well organized show and a pleasure to attend both as a vendor and a shopper. We had beautiful weather for travel:

Island life is sooooo hard :P

And the booth was cozy but cute and super full of pretty things:

And the shopping was really really good:

Cherry and Ebony Tibetan, from

Handmade WPI gauge, from Buttons by Kees

Suffolk/Southdown from

Kid Mohair from

Handspun from my booth neighbour

I'm pretty pleased with the whole thing. Thank you all for coming to see me!