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The Possessed Printer Mitts!

I released a pattern today! The Possessed Printer Mitts are inspired by my crazy colourway of the same name. I wanted a pattern that would show off the yarn, but had enough interest to carry a simple colourway just as beautifully. I couldn't find anything so I created something! I'm particularly in love with the stitch pattern I made up - I haven't seen anything quite like it before, and now I want to use it on all the things.

Kudos to my sister for looking like a rock star all the time so I can spring surprise photoshoots on her.



New Pattern: The Cat's Paw Cowl!

At long last, and just in time for Fibres West, the Cat's Paw Cowl is available for purchase in both my Ravelry and Etsy stores!

I've always called it a "cat's paw" when a small patch of smooth water is roughened by an errant breeze. The diagonal mesh and symmetry of this cowl, combined with a soft blue yarn, reminds me of ocean ripples and spring sailing.

This cowl is a pleasant, simple knit and would be a great first lace project if you haven't taken that dive yet!

It's designed to use my Paragon 100% Merino sock yarn (which I adore working with), but any fingering weight, or lace weight doubled, would work! The large size uses an entire 400yd skein, so you have to make sure your gauge is accurate if you don't want it to run out early.

I was hoping to get a picture of a nice cat's paw at the beach yesterday, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Frankly I'm lucky it wasn't raining. WHERE ARE YOU SPRING?!?!



FO Parade: My Second Angelus!!

I actually finished my Angelus in time to use it as a shop sample at Knit City! I needed it for the morning of Saturday the 13th of October. I finished it at 1:30 am that day. It didn't get blocked til after the show, but that's ok, it was done!!

The pattern is my own design,



The yarn is also my own -

Everything Old Kashmir Sock

in Crab Apple Jelly and Vintage Wedding. I used 75% of each skein - 326 yards per colour. I know I have a vested interest in you liking this yarn, but OMGHOLYCRAPSOFT. I really liked working with it, and I think you might too.



New Pattern: Angelus

I am so excited to finally have my Angelus shawl pattern available for purchase! It's a labour of love - for gorgeous hand dyed yarn, for structural design elements and cables, and for cozy fall accessories! I designed it because I had two beautiful skeins of Malabrigo Arroyo that needed to be something special, and I wanted a crescent shawl big enough to wrap around my wide shoulders.

You can find more details and buy a copy

in my shop

, or on Ravelry!



FO Parade: Vanille Socks

Did you know that up until I finished these socks, I had never knit a plain stockinette sock before? I like a challenge when I knit, but with these I wanted a simple project that could live in my purse. I made up the pattern as I went along, but really it's just a stockinette cuff down sock (I'll publish it as a free pattern once I tweak it a bit and maybe add a bit of a design or something so they're not just another vanilla sock - blog readers will be the first to know I promise ;).

The yarn was Nestucca Bay Yarns Frothy, a sport weight superwash Merino. The colourway, Aurora, pooled into delicious purple and lime stripes. I love the way these socks look!

Rei is hard to keep out of pictures these days - there's almost always some little bit of her sneaking in. Little feet are so cute though.

I came so shockingly close to running out of yarn on these - see that little pile of ends below? That's all I had left. Very close I tell you.