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My Mother's Day

I've been making an effort to take more pictures (that aren't selfies or shots of my crafting, I'm good on those), but sometimes I forget to share them in a timely fashion. I know Mother's Day is several days past, but I have pictures of my kid! If you aren't into pictures of my kid, that's ok. She's an acquired taste.

We went to my parents' house bearing cupcakes, and then played in the sun on their gorgeous property. It was a good day.

I'm not really suited to parenthood. I love my daughter more than anything and I desperately want the best for her, but at the same time I am self-aware enough to know that if we hadn't chosen parenthood, our lives would have been equally good. Just as rich and full (with more disposable income and less yelling), but seriously lacking in family group hugs. I didn't need to be a mother, I am not the best at being a mother, I have no desire to be anybody else's mother, and sometimes I wonder if I could've at least waited til my 30's to have a child. And yet... our little family sustains me. Watching my daughter grow and learn is fascinating, hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking (apparently horrible social awkwardness is genetic). Knowing the nurturing father Jake can be is inspiring. I've grown immeasurably by being forced to put a little person's needs before my own. Feeling unconditional love is a powerful, beautiful, life changing thing. I wouldn't have my life any other way.


I could handle a little more disposable income and a little less yelling though. Just saying.


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Holiday Madness

The Christmas crafting got away from me. Again. As it always does. I don't learn (well, I sort of do - I started knitting in July this year) I've got the knitting almost done, but the sewing, oh the sewing. I'm so busy with gift crafting, real life obligations, and holiday fun that I'm probably going to be away from the blog until after Christmas. In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the festive photos I've taken this month! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen most of them already. You should follow me on Instagram by the way, it's my fave social network.

I put up absurd amounts of lights

The tree looks fab, even if it doesn't stand completely straight

Christmas knitting yarn! All fingering and lace weight, of course. I need to get with the bulky yarns next year

It snowed! All of a centimetre, but still.

Snow necessitates hot chocolate

Rei and I made cookies! She has odd ideas about decorating gingerbread, but they taste good.

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Halloween Sewing: Pete the Cat Costume

I know Halloween is long over, but I had to share Rei's costume. I whipped it up from some polar fleece, with appliquéd felt accents and a bit of fabric paint. My rule for toddler costumes is that any store bought elements need to either come from her regular wardrobe, or be added to it after the event. The rest becomes year-round dress-up!

Rei wanted to be her favourite picture book character, Pete the Cat. Using her stuffed Pete toy as a model I made her a hoodie based on a shirt that fits, and painted up a pair of old shoes. A pair of blue leggings from Target and a handmade tail (stuffed with Rambouillet fleece because I'm fancy like that and also I ran out of polyfill) completed the outfit. Cute!

The best part is she can totally wear the hoodie as a regular sweater!

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Witchy Socks

I'm not really a Halloween person. I mean, I like it - I like costumes and I put way too much love into my pumpkin carving, but some people just go nuts for Halloween. I don't decorate, I really don't care for most candies (if anyone steals my mini Coffee Crisps though, I'll cut a bitch - that is my seasonal gluttony-fest). That said, I'm sure as shooting going to be wearing stripy Halloween socks this year!

I won a gorgeous skein of Vesper in Witchy Woman in the spring, knit it up over the summer, and these have been my go-to socks as the weather has attempted to cool. I improvised a slipped stitch pinstripe pattern, which was fun to knit, but honestly didn't improve the look of the socks. Next time I do stripeys they'll be plain vanilla. Aren't they cute though! They match!

To be completely honest, I'm not terribly happy with the yarn. Vesper is so popular, but it's really not great for socks. It's a lighter fingering weight 100% merino, and my socks are already looking pretty fuzzy and sad. There are amazing dyers of striping yarns out there that work with brawnier yarn bases, so I'll likely be going to them for my next fancy stripy skein. Still, I love the way these look and I'll wear them til they're ragged!

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