Knitting  a sweater is no small undertaking. Especially a fingering weight sweater. On size 2 needles. Made of handspun.

Despite this fact, I am irrationally annoyed that I didn't get this one done sooner, because now it is disgustingly hot out and I want to wear this lovely creation all. the. time. 

The pattern is Joji Locatelli's Timeless Henley, knit from BFL Silk blend yarn that I originally purchased as beautiful fluff from Woolgatherings. I didn't make any alterations; I should have, the waist shaping is a bit too low for me as written; yet it yielded an almost-perfect fit. There's a lot of wiggle room in the blocking of this piece - I added several inches width- and length-wise while it was wet (as my swatch told me I would have to do) but the fabric remained springy and gorgeous. It calls for buttons on the split neck but I haven't put any on yet. I'm not convinced they're needed, but they can always be added later if I magically grow cleavage that needs to be hidden away. Please universe...

I was really worried that this sweater would be too loud and garish for me. After all, it's a multicoloured shiny stripy marled handspun yarn, knit into a busy mesh lace. The fact that there was no way to make the sleeves match completely was a big damn deal for me as well. As several fellow knitters wisely predicted, my fears were unfounded. I think as long as I wear it with simple jeans and a nude/black tank underneath, it's absolutely perfect! It's good to learn to trust the process, and your friends' judgement.

Normally I am pretty irritated when I have a bunch of yarn left over from a big project like this, but I am gleefully awaiting the inspiration that tells me what to do with another 775 yards or so!

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