Quite some time back I knit Jacob a Hugo sweater. The pattern is by Veronik Avery and I knit it in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, the recommended yarn. I've made my opinions of Shelter pretty well known - I love that shit. It's soft, it's light, it's warm, it's rustic, it's ethically produced by a company that brings a lot to the yarn world (It's pricy, and there are other, cheaper options, but.... eh. The colours are perfection). Thing is, though, it's a woollen spun yarn. It's a production method that creates all the lovely above mentioned traits, but it comes at the cost of durability. 

So what I'm saying is Jake's beautiful sweater sprung a hole. Apparently he's got some pointy elbows and one of them tried to make an exit through the back of the sleeve. I didn't have any of the yarn left, so rather than darning, I had to patch. Luckily, elbow patches are a thing!

I started by needle felting a bit of wool over the hole, to stop any future ravelling. Then it was just a matter of sewing some pre made faux suede patches on (I did want them to be somewhat washable, so fake seemed like a good plan). Honestly the hardest part was getting them in the same place on both sleeves.

That, and taking pictures. "Look normal, but show me both of your elbows at the same time!" is not actually a thing. Also, why doesn't the dog laugh at my jokes? Hopefully now that this stress point is reinforced, he'll have years of wear left in this sweater, with bonus old man flair.