I really like bright colours conceptually, but for everyday wear I prefer subdued shades and neutrals. You wouldn't know that from my recent creative output! It's neon madness up in here.

First I finished some handspun, which is a big damn deal. I haven't finished a skein in almost a year. The fibre was Polwarth wool from Spun Right Round, in a fabulously crazy colourway called Picnic. Out of approximately 8 ounces I got 409 metres (477 yards) of DK to worsted weight chain-plied stripy neon goodness. It feels nice to have something finished, and Polwarth is spectacular to work with. I'm thinking about maybe striping it with some pale grey merino and an accent of sparkly white (both currently in fluffy unspun form) as a couch throw/lap blanket thing. We'll see.


The neon continues in a long lingering sock project that became my rather neglected purse knitting. They were mostly worked on at knit nights and over the Christmas break. Top down, heel flap, no-fuss-no-bother vanilla socks are great for that sort of thing. It helps that they are unparalleled in their colourful cheeriness. The yarn is the ever popular Regia Fluormania.


For a little neon nightcap, may I present my latest food preservation attempt - picked red onions. It's about the easiest recipe ever - I made them (like literally every step of the process) in the 10 minutes it took for a pizza to cook. They are tart, sweet, slightly spicy, and all around heavenly, if pickles are your thing. Pickles are very my thing, especially if they are neon pink. Also these ones feature one of my favourite cooking chemistry surprises - blue garlic. I love a good contrast colour!


All that neon is exhausting. I'm ready for some grey. Maybe navy. Taupe even.

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