Normally I recap my previous year's goals in January, and then set new ones for the coming year, and off I go about my merry way. I recognize that it is February. Welcome to the theme of my 2016.

2016 was really fucking difficult, and not just because we were subjected to the US election. It was the year I went back to work after 6 years as a stay at home mum. The year that job turned out to be an increasingly toxic and depressing environment, so I made a risky play and ended up running the company, working overtime literally every day since. It was the year my hubby beat cancer. It was the year my dad did not beat cancer.

So now I'm a workaholic and I really miss my dad. I totally lost myself for a couple months at a time, a couple of times. Cumulatively it was a lot of months. But I'm still here. My job is awesome now. My family is tough and we have all found strength and positivity in difficult times.

I am here on the other side, and I am ready to try again. 

So. How did all of that affect the plans I made before shit got real? The life goals were:

  1. Reach and maintain a healthy BMI.
    • After well over a year of carefully monitoring my food intake and exercise, I hit this goal last spring. My total weight loss came to about 140 pounds. The story is a lot more complicated than all that, and I'll get around to sharing it some time, because I think the world needs a more nuanced, honest approach to the entire concept of weight loss. All that aside, I am proud of myself.
  2. Get a job.
    • Heck yes I did. I went from hanging off the bottom of the ladder at my husband's office to sharing the running of the business with him. I admit, the relationship probably got me the job (I was hella qualified, but it's nice to have an in), but I have been kicking ass on my own merits from then on. I now focus on HR, accounting, marketing, and client satisfaction. Weird. Not the sort of work I thought I would enjoy, but I do!
  3. Contribute to savings regularly, to the tune of at least $10k.
    • Crowing about money is rather gauche, so I will just say that I exceeded this goal and we are slowly working towards one day being able to own our own home.
  4. Paint the house.
    • No. Not even one wall. Not even a little bit.
  5. Read more, in print and audio.
    • There was more reading than painting, but not an appreciable amount. I'm rather sad about that.
  6. Get comfortable enough on my bike to use it for regular transportation, then do so.
    • I LOVE my bike. I've lost the habit a bit in the recent snow and ice (snow is sharp when it's flying directly into your eyeballs), but I've started using it as my main mode of transportation to and from work and on short errands. It works wonders for my cardiovascular health, and it's fun, and I feel like a little less of an eco-hypocrite.
  7. Take more photos.
    • Take, yes! Sort and catalogue? I'll get to it...
  8. Have more music in my home.
    • Thanks to Spotify, a consolidated iTunes library, and a portable bluetooth speaker, our house is a more cheerful place. I love having music back in my daily life.
  9. Take real vacations.
    • We were kinda busy, you know? But we did actually get away for a wonderful long weekend in Tofino and it was glorious.

How about those creative goals?

  1. Release four or more knitting patterns.
    • Oh dear god no. Hahahaha... No.
  2. Revive this blog and post regularly.
    • I killed and resuscitated it several times! So, no. Not really. Ah well.
  3. Knit sweaters for ME.
    • I did! I was going to lament that I only made four, but that would be silly. Despite everything that went on, I made myself four really great sweaters! And a knitted dress (I'll show you later)! Well done, me!
  4. Reduce yarn, fibre and fabric stashes.
    • I did, in all three arenas. I've been doing my best to work from my yarn stash almost exclusively. The fibre... well I only spun a skein and a half, but I kept my purchasing in check accordingly. I certainly bought new fabric, but I've used up lots of old stuff whether in in finished garments or muslins for fit testing.
  5. Finish Rei's cross stitched stocking.
    • This is the last time you will see this stupid, stupid goal. Not because I finished it, but because the dog literally ate it. At the time I didn't know whether to feel angry or relieved, but I've made my peace.
  6. Buy/make only indie sewing patterns, try new designers.
    • Success! This goal wasn't terribly hard as there are so many talented designers out there. I tried out Cloth Habit and Deer and Doe patterns to great success, and while I am not going to limit myself quite this much in the future, I will always shop indie first. This was a great experience.
  7. Thrift or make 80% of my new clothes, not including undergarments.
    • Partial success! I achieved about 70% make/thrift to new item purchases, and considering that included another weight-loss-related wardrobe replacement, I am damn proud. I found some absolute gems at the thrift store, and I made some really cool things, including a bathing suit! I adore my pre-loved and handmade clothes, and I'm a lot more attached to them because they took a little more work to obtain.

So there you have it. I'm not going to enumerate successes versus failures this year. It was a success. Hands down. I can tell because I was there and saw myself surviving the shit out of 2016.

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