I took a break from the regularly scheduled selfish crafting to do something I've always wanted to do - make a cosplay outfit!

My friend is going to an anime convention in a week or so, and he wanted to dress as Red, the Pokémon Trainer from the video games. This guy:

He had everything under control except the jacket. That's where I came in! I used the Fairfield Button Up Shirt from Thread Theory, extensively modified, of course. The fabric was just your basic poly/cotton twill, with liberal application of interfacing on the white areas for stability. I only have two pictures for now, but I will repost his final Con pics on instagram when they happen, if you're interested in seeing the whole costume!


It's all lined (except in the sleeves), with a zipper and snap front and fake pockets. I went the extra mile and topstitched the front and bottom seams after putting the lining in, which makes it feel more like clothing, instead of a costume. I like that it's heavy and sturdy enough to act as a real jacket. The fit is bloody good, as well.


With the release of Pokémon Go, it's all Pikachu, all the time around here. I had taken the joy of Rei having forgotten her obsession with Pokémon for granted, until last week. She's remembered it, big time. So here's a gif of the pumpkin I carved for her last Hallowe'en, because it was adorable. Go Pokémon, I guess.