Yes, I am that excited to be knitting sweaters for myself again.

I went through a long, slow year and a half of losing weight. It was an important process for my health, and an interesting social experiment (yes, people do treat fat people differently), and I am happy to be at the other end of it (I may do a post about it at some point, we'll see). I am enjoying one of the most exciting (to me) rewards of meeting my goal: building a high-quality wardrobe of hand made garments and second hand gems for a vastly different body. What started the year as a challenging goal has become a passion - can I really make or thrift the majority of my wardrobe? So far, yep. I can. And it's pretty awesome.

I needed a cropped cardigan, so I settled on Vianne, by Andi Satterlund. The link there is to her instagram, where she is consistently gorgeously stylish and my designer girl-crush.

I used Berocco Vintage DK, because I had a few skeins left from other projects in a nice grey. It's a bit splitty, and doesn't feel like 100% wool (you know, because it's not) but it's a serviceable, washable yarn and I think it's got pretty decent lace stitch definition.

The pattern was a joy to knit, as the lace was easily memorized, but not so simple as to be boring. I should have made one size up, but that's part of the challenge in learning to dress a different body. My preference in ease has changed, and I didn't know that until after making Vianne. Live and learn! It looks cute unbuttoned and can technically close, so I'm not bothered.

If I redo anything it will be to pull out the button band, re-knit it, line it with bias tape, and use snaps rather than button holes. I do love these little grey buttons though, so they would go right back on top of the snaps. My bind-off is currently a tad tight, so that would receive greater care as well.

All in all, I am very happy with this little sweater. I think it will be great for both spring and fall, as it's surprisingly warm. I've already started knitting the next cropped lace cardi. More on that another day!

The dress under the sweater, by the way, is my hot-off-the-serger Seamwork Adelaide. It's in a cotton/tencel denim that behaves like linen and shines like a silk blend. Needless to say, I'm pleased with that too.