Hi friends.

If you listen to my podcast or hang with me on social media, you already know why I haven't been a good blogger. Around the time I last published a post, my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Shortly before he went into treatment, I went back to work full time. Basically our lives went to shit and everything changed. 

Bright side - I still have a job (and the money and wonderful, sanity-boosting adult conversation time that comes with working outside the home) and a husband (less one small piece). The cancer is over with, and, thanks to a round of chemo, is unlikely to rear its ugly head agin.

Less bright side - I am tired. I am tired like I have never been before. Going back to working full time, while still having to be a parent, is bloody difficult. Doing that while supporting a partner through surgery and chemo is hell. It hasn't really worn off yet, even though we have been back to "normal" life for a couple of months.

But here I am, on the other side. And he's here too. Our daughter just finished Kindergarten, our house is clean(ish), our life is in order, and my crafting mojo is coming back. We are okay.

We are okay. 

Sometimes I need to remind myself of that fact.

I'm going to be trying to throw up the occasional blog post, now and again. Bear with me! I've got some really lovely projects to share with you.

See you 'round the net!

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