I needed to show you this project, even though it's been finished for over a year now. It all started with a dream. I dreamt of making the Evenstar circular shawl by Susan Pandorf, and I really wanted to make it out of hand spun. Things began to come together when I bought some luxuriously soft Sweet Georgia Merino/yak fibre a few years ago (it was a show special, I don't think they have it as a regular base). The colourway was a variegated hand paint called Tapestry, and it reminded me of all things mysterious and luxurious and serious and medieval. When I finally got to spinning it, I separated it by colour and made a gradient 2-ply lace weight. I ended up with about 1500 yards, total. In a knitting mojo slump last year, I decided the time had come to cast on.

Considering the extremely detailed lace and the delicate yarn, the knitting just flew by. I opted to exclude the recommended beads for the edging, not only because I rarely wear things that sparkle, but also because I couldn't imagine actually knitting thousands of the little buggers in. The border did take a while, but eventually I memorized the lace pattern and it became pleasant and almost soothing.

The finished object is everything I could have asked for. It's as soft as Merino and Yak down ought to be; it's gauzy and light with a delicate halo; it's beautiful and unique and obviously one-of-a-kind. If I ever find an occasion to wear it, I'll be shockingly warm and cozy, while looking elegant as balls (I said looking... nobody who knows me ever accused me of being elegant). I say "if" because I haven't worn it yet, a well over year later. Some projects are more about the process, and this is definitely one.

I think it also works as a more casual piece folded in half and wrapped around my shoulders like the world's snuggliest scarf. Of course, I tried for a photo last fall (my photographer was a flowerpot, forgive the terrible exposure please, he was doing his best) and managed to put it on inside out. It even looks good inside out!

This project is definitely the holy grail of my knitting and spinning experience. It challenged my patience and my skills, and it produced the most beautiful thing I've ever made. Yes, that list does include my 6 year old child. Don't judge. She's great, but she's NOT made of yak down.