I'm a little behind in showing this off, but I figured I had better do so before the warm weather hit and it was no longer even remotely seasonally appropriate.

This fall I completed my most adventurous knit yet, not that you would ever know to look at it.

The yarn is a handspun worsted weight gradient set I made from various local wools. One of them I even processed from raw fleece. Handspun isn't a real adventure for me at this point in my woolly career though (unless you count the dark grey batts from the farm that shall not be named, which had dead ticks in it. THAT took bravery to spin), and It's all in boring natural colours.

The pattern, Roslyn by Veronik Avery, is a bottom up raglan and all in stockinette, with a few short forays into 2x2 ribbing. Easy peasy.

But it's a (short!) dress. That is to be worn without pants. With a big ol' turtleneck on the top. I was so worried that I'd finish it and put it on and look like a dumpy, sad, sepia toned stand-in for Velma from Scooby Doo. It has a turtleneck, and I've always hated how I look in turtlenecks. 

Don't google image search Velma with safe-search off by the way. Speaking of adventurous, she has some really... enthusiastic fans out there. 

But I loved the style on the model, and my husband assured me about a thousand times that I could pull it off. I had to trust that I could wear a slightly unusual knit with confidence, and that I could successfully get a good fit around my hips, which I have never knit for before. And then I had to trust that if I wore it outside, I wouldn't be laughed at, doomed to hide in mortification all day.

It turned out awesome. It's cozy and woolly and wonderful, and manages to look both incredibly hand made, and pretty damn chic. It's like wearing an (itchy) comfort blanket. Sometimes knitting outside your comfort zone really pays off.

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