I'd like to introduce you to what is probably my most successful sweater project yet. This is the Belmont Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston (also known as the Shetland Trader).  I knit it in Madeline Tosh Lace, (sadly discontinued) carried double, in the Coquette colourway. It turns out that when you set yourself up to win, you do. 

This pattern was an excellent choice. I knew I wanted a fingering weight cropped cardigan that was feminine and interesting to knit, with a relatively demure neckline. There are lots of patterns out there that fit the bill visually, but I was extremely happy with Belmont because it is a well written, well designed, and cleverly fitted pattern. Gudrun Johnston is really good at what she does. The knitting pattern design world has been wonderfully democratized with the many easy platforms for independent pattern sales, and I love that, but sometimes that leads to paying money for a bit of a dud. I'll be heading to Gudrun's catalogue again and again.

The yarn was my next excellent choice. First of all, look at that pink! Carrying it double meant that variegations in the colour were reduced, and saved me from the hell of having to alternate skeins. The dye certainly bled when I washed it, but with a colour this saturated that should be expected and planned for. It has held up with surprisingly little pilling over several wears.

Finally, I am so pleased with the buttons I chose. too many times I have knit an almost perfect sweater, only to fail miserably when it came time to choose notions. These buttons are light weight, washable, perfect for the buttonholes, and an excellent colour. They were also super cheap.

I'm feeling very smug indeed. Look at that smug face. It also looks fabulous with my Hollyburn Skirt. Smug smug smug.