When I bought myself this wool fair isle pullover from the Men's section on clearance, I knew full well it wouldn't fit me when I had finished losing weight. I promised myself I would alter it, come the cold weather, so here we are. Please forgive the fact that I still haven't hung a mirror, and live in pj pants on the weekend.

I used Seamwork's Astoria as a guideline for the new sweater. The first step was to cut it apart at the seams (leaving the shoulders and neckline alone). Then I traced my pattern pieces onto the flat fabric.

Next, I used my serger to cut out my pieces. The goal here was to reduce fraying. It did stretch the cut edges a bit, which was fixed with a vigorous steam blocking. This wouldn't work as well with cotton so if you try this at home, keep that in mind.

The next step was to sew it up! I used a zig zag stitch and pressed my seam allowances open. For the waistband I pressed the allowance up and topstitched with a straight stretch stitch.

Ugh my bathroom needs some updates. Or to be nuked from orbit. I don't know.

The finished product is much more wearable! I should have made the shoulders narrower, and I still may, but it's not so bad that I really care. It looks great as a cropped sweater with jeans, and, while I found I didn't like it with a skirt at first, it turns out it looks much better tucked in. Yay revitalized sweater!

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