Well hello there! It's been a while, eh? 

Happily for me, if not for you, dear reader, my yearly goal posts (not the same as goalposts, because how would you even have those yearly?) are a tradition that I do not intend to give up. Today I'm going to revisit the goals I set for my personal and creative lives last year. I find this sort of public introspection extremely helpful; it lets me crow a bit about my successes and encourages me to face my failures with honesty. Bear with me. I'll post the 2016 goals shortly, starting the whole narcissistic cycle anew.

Life Goals:

  1. Pass my driving test.
    • I did it! And you know what? It was easy. I spent 14 years working that test up in my head, and it morphed into this impossible monster. When the time finally came, I was ready, the supervisor was lovely, and I passed with flying colours. Life lesson: don't make things harder than they already are. 
  2. Get up earlier.
    • This probably would have happened whether I wanted to or not. I have to get up in time to be showered and presentable to walk the kid (and dog) to school every morning at 8:30. Still, a success is a success and I'll take it.
  3. Beautify the house.
    • This could've been better. A lot better. I did make a lovely woven table runner, but other than an increased commitment to cleanliness and some dedicated furniture rearranging, that's about the extent of it. Half marks.
  4. Re-think Christmas Gifting.
    • Success! I put away $50 each month to cover all things holiday related. I still made a fair number of gifts (by financial necessity, as well as preference), but my stress levels were much lower. Much of my extended family enjoys a significantly more lavish approach to gift-giving, and that's still awkward, but at least this year I wasn't secretly weaving in ends while presents were being opened.
  5. Bring the blog back.
    • Not so much. I didn't even really try, and I regret that. 
  6. Improve my grammar.
    • I read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves" by Lynne Truss, which is a fantastic book. I'm still not sure if I am punctuating correctly, but I am more conscious in my attempts. More practical application (aka actually writing once in a while) would have earned full marks. As it is, 50% will have to do.
  7. Save money.
    • Until I looked at the reports in my budget program (I swear by YNAB), I thought maybe this one hadn't gone so well. The hard evidence says otherwise, and it's wonderful to know my diligence has paid off.
  8. Get healthy.
    • This is where my real success lies for 2015, and where an enormous amount of my energy was spent. I lost a lot of weight. I learned a lot about portions, and sometimes I even jog a bit, just for fun. It's been an odd experience, actually, and I don't love talking about it. Too much judgement and shame are tied to whether or not a person has excess body fat. Let's just leave it at this: I'm not at my goal yet and I couldn't have done it at all if I hadn't learned to accept and love myself at my heaviest, but I love almost everything about having 110 pounds less of me to haul around. And the clothes are cool too. This is my celebratory Christmas Day bathroom selfie:

Creative Goals:

  1. Knit Evenstar.
    • I did, and I loved every second of it. I still haven't taken proper photos, but let me assure you, it's truly spectacular. I'll do a blog post. No, seriously. I will. Shut up, you'll see.
  2. Make 50% of my incoming wardrobe.
    • When I committed to this goal I had no idea what extreme weight loss was like. I have had to replace my entire wardrobe three times in the past year. Even my shoes didn't escape the carnage. I sewed all new underwear (not my favourite thing, by the way), and made 15 or so other items. I also used my sewing skills to extend the fit of many ready-to-wear items over several sizes. I didn't achieve the 50% goal, but I'm giving myself a pass due to excellent performance under extreme circumstances.
  3. Knit more patterned socks.
    • I knit one and a half pairs before I realized that I don't really enjoy knitting patterned socks at this point in my life. Fail, but with bonus self awareness.
  4. Work down my stashes.
    • Definite success there. The yarn and fibre are slowly but surely reducing. The fabric would be if I could come to a decision about what to do with leftover yardage. At the moment I'm hoarding it, and my storage drawers ain't pretty.
  5. Buy indie.
    • I did, exclusively even! However, I bought almost nothing all year, so I can't really say I was effective in supporting the indie crafting community.
  6. Knit (and spin) several sweaters.
    • I knit four and spun for two, but alas, none of the sweaters were for me. The above mentioned size changes not only rendered useless the process of knitting sweaters for myself, but also robbed me of all but one of my previous hand knit sweaters. Even that one only remains because I am embracing both the oversized trend and liberal application of a belt. So, success, but also sadness.
  7. Finish the cross stitch Christmas stockings.
    • Surely this goal has become little more than a running joke. Of course I didn't. I worked on one, a bit. Go me.

So, success, in numerical form? I get a 75% score in life goals, but if they were weighted to reflect difficulty it would be more like a 90%. Creative goals get a healthy 71%.

With that, I can see how I closed out this year feeling comfortable with myself and my efforts. It's been a complicated and intense year, but 2015 has been good to me. I'm grateful for every minute of it.