This weekend may not have been particularly productive (the stomach bugs that get passed around a kindergarten class are killer), but luckily I have a massive backlog of projects to share with you!

My Daughter is almost six (!) and my niece, the only other child in my extended family, is just over a year. They are nearing the end of the stage where we can stuff them into matching outfits without resistance. They are also getting too big for me to procrastinate until mid-November to cast on matching Christmas sweaters for them. Ahem.

I had some grey Berocco Vintage DK in my stash that needed a purpose, so I decided to make Snowflake, by Tin Can Knits, in both the 1-2 year and 5-6 year sizes. Because they have such an extensive size range and I had such an excessive amount of yarn, I considered making one for my sister in law too, but then I came to my senses.

I made the 1-2 year size for my niece (perfect fit as written!), and a slightly lengthened 5-6 for my long, skinny daughter. The only style modification I made was to replace the seed stitch at the neckband, hem, and cuffs with a folded stockinette hem, and to do the button placket in garter stitch. I have nothing but enthusiasm for this pattern as written, but I do love a folded hem. I made a much larger version for myself a few years ago, and the pattern was flawless then too.

In my experience, Vintage DK pills like the dickens, but it's washable and pills can be shaved so I like it as a children's garment yarn. The put-up is excellent for the price, and these two sweaters took less than four skeins together. 

My favourite part of this project is the buttons. I am lucky enough to have a few local stores that specialize in notions, and I was able to find these adorable vintage plastic beauties at the Button and Needlework Boutique in a perfect colour palette for both my ginger child and my dark haired niece.

Cute, eh?