Because I'm a reliable blogger (ha), here are the 2016 goals, as promised.

I am a creature of predictability. I like to know what is going to happen, when, with whom, and how much it will cost. I get a perverted thrill out of budgeting and to-do lists and highly detailed meal plans. When stress mounts or depression strikes, I start to flail about in a vicious cycle of doing both nothing at all and far too much. What may look like newfound spontaneity is me losing control, and losing my mind. This year I want to live with an overarching theme. I want to live deliberately. I want to plan, and record. I want to consume mindfully. I want to everything mindfully. I want to set myself up for success by not sabotaging my self control when life gets tough, and by being mindful of how plans need to change so I don't drown in my own rigidity.

With that in mind, the goals:

Life Goals:

  1. Reach and maintain a healthy BMI.
    • I have 20 more pounds to lose, strength to build, flexibility to extend, and endurance to gain. I have life to live. I know BMI is hardly a perfect way of determining individual health, but goals are, by their nature, a little arbitrary. I need something to shoot for so this is it.
  2. Get a job.
    • You know, one that pays money and stuff. Mostly because I want to:
  3. Contribute to savings regularly, to the tune of at least $10k.
    • That seems like a lot to me. We've lived as a family of three on one fairly modest income in a very expensive city for 6 years. I've pulled us out of debt and saved some, but never that much in a year.
  4. Paint the house.
    • The whole place needs brightening up, especially the ceilings. I want to live to see a day when, upon looking up, I am not prompted to say "how long has that been there?"
  5. Read more, in print and audio.
    • Ignore for now the debate as to whether audiobooks even count as reading (my jury is still out); I just want to consume more books, in any way short of literally eating them.
  6. Get comfortable enough on my bike to use it for regular transportation, then do so.
    • I have never been a city cyclist, but, after inspiration from a good friend and my bike commuting hubby, I want to become one. Also, my bike is pretty and needs to feel the wind in its face. Tires. Whatever.
  7. Take more photos.
    • I finally printed family photo albums for the last five years (I ordered photo books at - the quality was good for the price, fyi) and as I was doing so I realized that I have taken fewer photos each year since Rei was born. Not cool, me!
  8. Have more music in my home.
    • Whether in the form of playing an instrument, devoting some of my discretionary income to buying music, firing up a playlist while making dinner, or singing out loud, I want music back in my life. It used to be the most important thing in my world and I miss it.
  9. Take real vacations.
    • We have never taken a family vacation just for the adventure or fun or relaxation of it. Visiting in-laws is great, don't get me wrong, but it's not a vacation, and we've never had the time or money to do more. Even just a weekend camping would mean the world to me.
We don't adventure attractively in this household, but we do enjoy it.

We don't adventure attractively in this household, but we do enjoy it.

Creative Goals:

  1. Release four or more knitting patterns.
    • Last year was productive in many arenas, but not in pattern design. I miss the challenge and creativity of it! I miss relentlessly badgering my sister into modelling for me. Well, maybe not that.
  2. Revive this blog and post regularly.
    • Step one: publish this post. Step two: publish another post after that. Repeat step two until habit forms. Honestly I don't know that many people read it, but writing and recording my crafty exploits makes me happy, so I would like to dedicate the time to doing it.
  3. Knit sweaters for ME.
    • This will require nearing or reaching my weight goals, because I'll be damned if I'm going to knit another sweater only to give it away when it gets too big. I'm almost there. I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS.
  4. Reduce yarn, fibre and fabric stashes.
    • This was a success last year, and I'd like to continue in the same vein. I can't really destash my yarn and fibre because I love it all, so I just have to knit and spin and sew faster than I buy. It sounds so simple, but it really isn't.
  5. Finish Rei's cross stitched stocking.
    • Notice that I've made a goal of only one stocking this year (the fourth year running?). I just don't enjoy embroidery on this scale, but that fucker is getting finished, even if I have to make my husband do it (he actually volunteered). The other two kits are likely going to be destashed. I give up.
  6. Buy/make only indie sewing patterns, try new designers.
    • This one is pretty much what it says on the label. Patterns from the big four sewing brands have been a consistent disappointment, but I love what I've made from independent pattern companies. I look forward to trying new styles and designers!
  7. Thrift or make 80% of my new clothes, not including undergarments.
    • I've tried making underthings, and it was not fun. That said, I'm in an easily thrifted size range now, and I love sewing and knitting for myself. Let's see if we can do this, shall we? Bonus points for getting other family members in on it too.

Here's to a year of growth, risk, comfort, prosperity, and occasional silliness for us all. With a little luck, lots of work, and steady focus, I hope we all get the chance to leave it better than we found it.