Hello again! Things have been pretty wild around here for the past week or so, the upside of which is that I have a job! It's my first normal (read: not self) employment since I finished university and had my daughter. It's also the first of 2016's goals checked off the list. Wish me luck! My crafting has been a little sparse in the meantime but things are still finishing up at a decent rate. See exhibit A:

These socks were a simple knit, but damned if they didn't take ages to finish. I started them way back in October, and just finally got the heels in. If you're curious about afterthought heels but have never tried a pair, may I suggest Laura Linneman's pattern? It was a great help for my first attempt a few years ago. By this point I prefer a true afterthought heel, where you simply knit a tube and then cut the knitting to make space for a heel. It means you can knit almost the whole thing without thinking, provided you are smarter then me and make sure they are not too tight to begin with (I had to re-knit the entire first sock). If you are curious about fit, afterthought heels fit like short-row heels in that the lack of gusset means there will be issues if you have a high instep. Otherwise, the malleability of knit fabric does a lot of the fit-work for you.

I knit the heels two-at-a-time, in the magic loop style. To be perfectly honest, it was bloody awful. I thought it would be a good way of combatting second heel syndrome (I'm fine in the second sock department; heels are my weakness. I'm like Achilles that way, I suppose), but it just made me want to light the whole mess on fire. If I ever consider knitting things two-at-a-time again, yell at me until I come to my senses.

The yarn is Patons Kroy in the Bramble stripes colourway. I tried to take a nonchalant approach to matching the stripes (because socks shouldn't need to match!) and accidentally ended up with almost matching stripes. It has less an air of careless quirkiness than of simple incompetence. Oops.

Oh well. They fit nicely, and they'll wear well, and I like the colours. We can't all be charmingly quirky.