One of my goals this year is to make or thrift 80% of my clothing. Between the time it takes to sew clothing and the quixotic experience of thrift shopping for specific items, I felt a heavy duty list was necessary. I'll need an entirely new wardrobe this spring (one of the downsides of weight loss, shit's expensive, yo), so I have my work cut out for me. I hope that going over my process here can help you plan your crafting with intention, too!

My spring colour cheat sheet: I replaced the dark purple on the bottom right with Navy, after the fact, for a more harmonious palette. 

My first step was to look at spring/summer 2016 runway trends and colour forecasts. If I need this many new items, I may as well embrace a few of-the-moment looks. I liked the lace, lingerie-as-daywear, stripes, and the emphasis on the shoulders, so I went with those and left the flamenco ruffles and full body sequins to my more flamboyant brothers and sisters. I cross referenced the Pantone colour forecast with the colours I isolated using the Colette Wardrobe Architect workshops last fall and chose 10 colours. I think this step is particularly important, as it's far too easy to end up with separates that don't match. 

Next, I visited my DIY Fashion Pinterest board, where I collect gorgeous indie patterns that work with my personal style and body shape. I gathered a few untried patterns to go alongside some old favourites, and pasted pictures from those patterns into a file I could reference on my phone. I also wrote down all the fabric and notion requirements. For each item, I noted fabric types and colours that would work with my vision and with various trends.

Then, notes in hand, I visited the fabric store. I followed my list as methodically as possible considering the excitement of all that fabric and a giant sale, and raided my stash afterwards for a few more things. I still have a few items to find (I need a bathing suit!) But I made an excellent start.

Look at all that pretty fabric! I plan on making the Aster shirt by Colette in the beige floral cotton and the solid navy crepe, in the short sleeve and the flutter sleeve versions respectively. The pretty navy rayon with the little floral print will be a Deer & Doe Centauree dress. The denim will be a Belladonne dress, also from Deer & Doe; I'm excited to try patterns from this new-to-me French designer. The black dot and coral flower prints will be Seamwork Savannah camisoles; my most-used pattern, by far. The lovely Cluny lace will be an accent on the flutter sleeved Aster and the Belladonne Dress.

In my stash I found fabric for two more Savannahs (a multicoloured floral and a pale green polkadot) and a Megan Neilsen Brumby skirt's worth of denim with multicoloured woven stripes. I have a list of items I want to keep an eye out for at thrift shops, as well.

I feel like this was a very productive and orderly start! Now I just have to plan time to sew everything... which is, of course, easier said than done. Good luck with your spring shopping/sewing/knitting/whatever plans!