Hello lovelies!

Though the podcast has taken up most of my crafty sharing mojo, the blog is by far the best way to show off a new pattern. This one is simple, fantastic, and free!

I am not remotely subdued about my love for Caterpillargreen Yarns. How could I be? Cat's striping yarns are miles above your everyday hand dyed stripey sock yarn. She does wide stripes, narrow stripes, mixed patterns, gradients, huge colour repeats, and even mathematically fantastic shawl skeins that keep their stripe width even as the stitch count changes. Needless to say, when she asked if I would knit her a sample out of her new colourway, "Blue Light," (part of a series - expect Black, Yellow, and more!) I jumped at the chance. The skein is half gradient, half stripes. The idea is that you break it into two, for coordinating coloured goodness. So cool.

This simple brioche cowl is one way to make "Blue Light" shine. I chose to write it out and make it available for free both so that Caterpillargreen customers would have a go-to pattern for the colourway, and so that knitters like myself who are new to brioche knitting would have an easy project geared to their level of experience. Brioche is fun, easy, and super squishy. You should try it. Seriously. The cowl is completely reversible, giving you two looks in one cozy accessory.

Check it out in my Ravelry pattern store!

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