Here we are again. The new year. The goals. Bring it.

This goal thing I do, it's superior to making New Years' Resolutions. Really. I revisit my goals and analyze my success, I set them reasonably and with self awareness, and I use them to improve my current self, rather than create a "new me." Which is to say, this is a bunch of shit I'm actually going to do, and I have a reasonable historical success rate to back that statement up. Also, I'm experiencing weirdness about turning 30 this month, so I need to be extra badass. Just watch me. 2015 is going to be my year.

Life goals:

Pass my driver's test. This was a goal last year too. It's an important one. currently I can't legally drive without a chaperone, which seems dreadfully 19th century.

Get up earlier. Mornings and I have an unpleasant relationship. In fact, most of the time we have no relationship, because I will sleep right through them if given the chance. This is the year of the alarm and the adult bedtime.

Beautify the house. I have furniture that needs refinishing and walls that need repainting. I have the ability to clean and decorate and prettify. I need to actively merge these two facts. I'll be scheduling it all into my daily Bullet Journal (awesome organizational method, by the way).

Re-think Christmas gifting. In 2014 I caused myself considerable stress by attempting to make something like 12 christmas gifts. This year I will be saving money monthly (I budget using YNAB, and it's awesome, and you should too) so I can buy things instead, and starting early if I really must craft.

Bring the blog back. If you are reading this, then you are a very kind and committed person. I haven't blogged regularly since July, and that has to change. 

Improve my grammar. My written grammar is losing its oomph and my writing style is suffering. I want to improve my working knowledge of the English language so that I can spend less time editing and proof-reading. I was given a copy of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves a few years ago, so I'll start there.

Get healthy. For the first time ever, I'm trying to lose weight. Also, I saw my doctor (just today actually) and celiac disease is the most likely reason for years of sickness, culminating in the misery that began last summer. Both together mean permanent diet changes. Feeling healthy is more important than cookies.

Save money. I'm turning into a miser. I'm like Scrooge, but cheerful. So basically I'm Anya, and I LOVE it. I want to put something in savings every month, again, using YNAB as my personal  cheerleader and budget tracker.

Crafty Goals:

Knit Evenstar. The handspun merino/yak gradient is ready and waiting. It's time for a big lacy challenge!

Make at least 50% of my incoming wardrobe. I really like fashion, but I hate the shoddy fit, poor quality, and shady manufacturing ethics that my budget allows. Solution: shell out for much better quality much less often, and sew/knit the rest. They say you can't sew cheaper than you can buy, but in niche size ranges (plus, petite, tall, etc.) you absolutely can. Watch me.

Knit more patterned socks. I used to knit the craziest sock patterns, but lately it's been all vanilla, all the time. I'm rejoining the Sockdown challenges in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Rav. Join me?

Work down my craft supply stashes. My yarn stash is gorgeous, my fibre collection is divine, and my fabric horde is lovely. Why not enjoy them?

Buy indie. Even though I want to reduce my stash, I also want to buy indie-produced goodies. Buying indie hand dyed yarn and fibre puts money directly in the hands of the creative people (generally women) who bust their asses making these wonderful things. It's an industry that needs our love, even when we need to work our stashes down.

Knit (and spin) several sweaters. I live in my knitted sweaters. My very favourite is handspun. It makes sense to channel extra effort into creating things I will enjoy wearing.

The dreaded Christmas stockings. I vow every year to work on our cross-stitched stockings. This year I'm going to do it. Probably.

There you have it. Do you have any 2015 goals? Do you put them on the internet? Tell me about them! Please?