I imagine that the post title rhymes. If it doesn't, please don't tell me, it makes me happy.

I made the Moneta dress from Colette Patterns! I've been planning to make this dress since the day the pattern came out. I'm really pleased with the final product, although the sizing was a bit off. I recommend measuring the actual pattern pieces to get the finished garment size, then factoring in the stretch of your fabric. I made the pattern according to the size chart and I had to do a lot of surgery on my dress to bring it down to a wearable size. 

I took it up in the waistline by adding a seam about an inch and a half above the point where the gathered skirt meets the bodice, where I took out about two inches of length. I then took the dress in about three inches on either side seam.  

My next version will fit better, but it can't possibly have a cuter fabric. This orange is my favourite colour ever, and cheetah print can only improve a good thing. It's from Girl Charlee, where the selection is amazing and all my money awaits spending.


This is me being happy about orange, pockets, and owning matching skull-themed shoes and belt.