I've been sewing faster than I can photograph my finished projects lately, but here's one to show you!

I made this dress from a thrift store flat sheet. It was a 50/50 cotton/poly blend double sheet, and I easily got this dress out of it, as well as a twirly little skirt for my kid. We can be matchy matchy now, if we care to (we don't). All that for $7! While we're at it, the cardi is from Modcloth, the belt is from Asos, and the shoes are from Target.


I deviated so far from the original pattern that it's hardly worth mentioning, but it's the BurdaStyle Shakira dress. I added 48” at the bottom hem, tapering to a high waist, and cut the neckline to a wide V, removing the button placket. The dress isn't cut to be closely fitted, so it looks like a nighty until I pop a belt on it. Suddenly - bam. 50's themed garden party, here I come. 


Can we just talk about how well the colours match the cardi and shoes? Happy sigh with me: aaahhhhh. (It also matches my purse, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with all that perfection)

Also, in the spirit of fashion, bravery, and body acceptance, I took pictures without a cardi. To post on the internet. You know what? People who will judge me for being fat will do so even with the sweater, but they will miss out on that pretty neckline if I cover it up. Also summer is hot. Yuck.


I never knew I would love wearing a bed sheet this much. Now to find a 50’s themed garden party...