I've been making an effort to take more pictures (that aren't selfies or shots of my crafting, I'm good on those), but sometimes I forget to share them in a timely fashion. I know Mother's Day is several days past, but I have pictures of my kid! If you aren't into pictures of my kid, that's ok. She's an acquired taste.

We went to my parents' house bearing cupcakes, and then played in the sun on their gorgeous property. It was a good day.

I'm not really suited to parenthood. I love my daughter more than anything and I desperately want the best for her, but at the same time I am self-aware enough to know that if we hadn't chosen parenthood, our lives would have been equally good. Just as rich and full (with more disposable income and less yelling), but seriously lacking in family group hugs. I didn't need to be a mother, I am not the best at being a mother, I have no desire to be anybody else's mother, and sometimes I wonder if I could've at least waited til my 30's to have a child. And yet... our little family sustains me. Watching my daughter grow and learn is fascinating, hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking (apparently horrible social awkwardness is genetic). Knowing the nurturing father Jake can be is inspiring. I've grown immeasurably by being forced to put a little person's needs before my own. Feeling unconditional love is a powerful, beautiful, life changing thing. I wouldn't have my life any other way.


I could handle a little more disposable income and a little less yelling though. Just saying.