As I posted earlier, I had a lovely time at Fibres West this year. Because this was my last show as a vendor, I participated in a lot more trades than I usually do. I also spent some cash because the market was SO. GOOD.

Shall we explore all the pretty things I brought home? Get ready - there are many, many things.

From Top left, moving left to right:

Cotton punis. These came along with a book charkha! Have no fear - it was a trade, so the charkha wasn't the massive investment it could have been. Furthermore, it was very smartly priced to begin with. Perhaps you have no idea at all what a charkha is. That's cool, for now you can google it, but I'll be doing a post on my new baby once I figure it all out.

Muse Fibre Works Merlot DK in a gorgeous autumnal butterscotch. YUM. 

Q'ente Textile Revitalization Society handspun yarn. It's 85/15 wool/alpaca heavy laceweight, grown, spun and naturally dyed in Peru. When I say spun, I mean it's fucking drop spindled. I know my way around a drop spindle but this stuff has me flabbergasted. It's flawless. I don't know the yardage, nor do I care. At $10, this little pink baseball was a treasure I couldn't pass up.

Harmony Farm Cashmere Cloud. I bough an ounce of heaven. If you had been there, I would have done my damnedest to make you buy some too. This cashmere is so soft you can hardly feel it. Perhaps when I get the hang of it, I shall feed it to the charkha!

Caliope's Fibre Rolags. These little orange beauties are so fun, and I can't wait to spin them. Long draw, here I come!

Blackcomb Fiber Farms Shetland Yarn. Lovely yarn, from lovely sheep, farmed by a lovely woman. Love. I am already regretting not getting a sweater lot.

Rain City Knits Organic Merino Fingering Weight Yarn: It is so very orange, which is the best thing ever. It's also incredibly soft.

More Rolags from Caliope's Fibre. Mint! I love mint this year. 

More Rain City Knits! This skein coordinates in the best sort of way with the bright orange.

Raw Gotland, also from Blackcomb Fiber Farms. I can't wait to wash this incredibly soft, silvery, shiny wool. It will need to be a laceweight shawl some day.

Tweed Batts, also from Caliope's Fibre. The main wool ingredient is Dorper. Say it out loud. It's a really goofy sounding name for a really lovely sheep!

More Merlot DK from Muse. This gorgeous blue-green is impossible to photograph, at lesat with my camera. It's similar to the Madelintosh colour Cousteau, and I adore it.

Lastly, another little handspun tennis ball of awesoemness from the Q'ente Textile Revitalization Society.

I think the thing about all this that blows my mind most is the colour palette I was drawn to this year! This is totally new for me. Very vintage, a little weird, and surprisingly feminine! I feel like it fits in rather nicely with the Wes Anderson Palettes that all my crafty friends have been raving about.

Have you enjoyed any massive fibre-y hauls lately? Tell me! We can revel together.