I've been hard at work in lots of stealthy ways these days. I've been updating the pattern listings on the website - hopefully you will find them more informative now. I may tweak them further still to add more info. I have also rebranded all my patterns so they have updated contact info and are all stored in the same program. They look so matchy now! If you've purchased a pattern of mine you should have received an email informing you of the updated files.



And because I can't only do clerical work, I've also been spinning and dyeing like a madwoman so that there will be all sorts of wonderful offerings available at Fibres West. I think you'll like what I've been up to!


That's some gorgeous Moon Snail in the pots, soaking up a last layer of dye. Love it! That giant yarn there is a fantastic handspun that I have 7 whole skeins of. If I can bear to share it with you, that is. Hmm.

I promise I'll be able to focus on projects and fun blogging again soon!