It's new years eve and as I write and think back it seems like this year was both the longest and shortest of my life. I spent the entire year wondering how time had passed so quickly. How was it already May, Summer, September, Christmas? How had so much time passed without my noticing it?

And then I read my yearly goals post from last January. A year is a long time, yo. My life has changed, my priorities have changed, I've grown up, I've had fun, I've seen terrible and wonderful moments. So much has happened.

In my usual fashion, I'm going to revisit my life and crafting goals from last year, to see how they measure up. Get ready for some introspection up in here. 

Life goals:

Take my drivers road test: No, no I did not. I did, however, do all the driving for a 700km road trip. I'm good with the driving, I just need to get this test done so I can do it without a supervisor.

Be me: I wanted to embrace my own quirks, faults, and opinions more, especially in my online life. I still find myself censoring my podcast a bit, but I've come a long way.

Pursue personal fashion: I'm happy with my yearly efforts! I still want to put more work into my personal style, but I've learned a lot about how I want to present myself, and enjoyed my clothing so much more because of it.

Pay off all debt and begin to rebuild savings: We paid off the last of our debt this spring! I've been working hard to budget our finances so our savings grows, even if it's just a little bit at a time.

Implement a family chore schedule: I did, and it was great, for a while. The chart needs some tweaking again, but it's a great system. Suddenly my house was clean. It was like magic.

Put child in preschool and use time gained productively: We did! Rei goes to an all-day preschool/daycare twice a week, and she loves it there. She's so much more capable in social situations now, and has gained a lot of confidence. As for using the time, yes, mostly. I had hoped to get more time to work on pattern design, but lately it's all going to a huge volunteer position that's like a combination of running an underfunded non-profit, being a landlord, and herding cats.

Build strength and stamina: This year was a pain in the ass, health-wise. Fail. Try again next time.

Make more food from scratch: Win. Tortillas, granola, sauces, soups, curries, all the things.

Read: Yep, I did a pretty good job, for me. I'd love to read more, but right now I'm at about one real book a month.

Blog more: I was doing great, until the summer of health suckitude, and then I got out of the habit. I shall return.

Crafty Goals

Finish a stocking: No. Stupid things.

More garment sewing for myself and Rei: Lots for me, but not as much for Rei. She grows too fast.

Knit and spin down the yarn stash: It's smaller than it was, I think. The only problem is I can spin up yarn faster than I can knit it, so the stash grows all by itself. Not my fault.

Spin and knit Evenstar: I spun, but the knitting hasn't happened yet.

Spin for a sweater from raw fleece: I did a sweater spin, but not from raw fleece. 

Make a quilt for us: Nope. That would've been cool.

Weave more: Yep! I wove a bunch of Christmas presents!

So there you have it. Life gets about a 75% grade, and crafting gets a 50%. I did a lot of stuff, but very little of it was what I had planned. And you know what? That's ok. I made it through a tough year with my family happy, my sanity (relatively) intact, and my knitting, spinning, and sewing mojo strong. That's good enough for me.