Hey guys, I'm closing the shop.

Not today though. About a month from now.

This is a hard post to write. I don't like disappointing people, and I'd much rather be telling you about some really awesome new things on the horizon that I'd love you to be a part of! I'll get to that, and to reasons and such, but first I wanted to share a shutdown timeline, for those of you who need the quick and dirty.


Right now: No worries!

The etsy shop is still open. I won't be adding any more items, but even were the shutdown not happening that would be the case because Fibres West is coming and I have to reserve stock.

  • If you have been craving a sweater lot of one of my colourways, now is the time to see if it's in the budget and make a custom order. I will be taking custom orders up until Saturday, March 22. The next day I'll order the yarn, and dye it up as soon as it arrives.
  • Custom order rules, limits, etc: Must be for three or more skeins of the same base, though they don't have to be the same colour. If you want less than that, try getting together with a knitterly friend to make your order! There is no extra charge for custom orders. I will be keeping the order options to a few select bases: Paragon, Kashmir, Lively, Sublime, and Squish. I might be convinced on others if folks can get together orders for 6 or more skeins.

March 21 and 22: Fibres West!

This is my very favourite show, and I didn't want to miss out on vending one last time. I'll be bringing my entire stock, which includes some surprises, some awesome new colourways, sweater lots, and more! I'll be taking custom orders (same rules apply) there too. Please come see me!

March 23: Last yarn order.

I'll be getting ready to fill all of your lovely custom orders. I'll keep you updated as they progress and ship them asap.

March 26 (ish): THE SALE BEGINS.

Everything still in stock will go on sale, with the discount percentage going up as time goes on. It's gonna be madness! If there's something you love, buy it now, at Fibres West, or early in the sale because once things are gone there's no turning back.

Now that's out of the way, my reasons for quitting. In short, it's best for me, and for my family. The indie yarn market is full of wonderful dyers who can pick up the slack, and I need to seek out the more consistent paycheque of traditional employment. My kiddo would love preschool and I need to get my butt in gear so I can reliably pay for it. I've been a great boss (and so modest!) and I love working for myself, but I am also looking forward to the stress reduction and defined work hours. Dyeing is a creative process, and it needs to be filled with inspiration and love. I've been having a harder time dredging those up, and so it's time to pass the torch to people who are feeling it as strongly as I was when I started.

Things I am feeling inspired by, however, are pattern design and podcasting! I'll be introducing you to a new website very soon, and (yay!) I plan to have my first podcast episode out sometime shortly after Fibres West. I'm super excited! I'll post more on that later.

Thanks for bearing with me, my dear friends.