I know Halloween is long over, but I had to share Rei's costume. I whipped it up from some polar fleece, with appliquéd felt accents and a bit of fabric paint. My rule for toddler costumes is that any store bought elements need to either come from her regular wardrobe, or be added to it after the event. The rest becomes year-round dress-up!

Rei wanted to be her favourite picture book character, Pete the Cat. Using her stuffed Pete toy as a model I made her a hoodie based on a shirt that fits, and painted up a pair of old shoes. A pair of blue leggings from Target and a handmade tail (stuffed with Rambouillet fleece because I'm fancy like that and also I ran out of polyfill) completed the outfit. Cute!

The best part is she can totally wear the hoodie as a regular sweater!

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