Hello friends!

Knit City was a fantastic weekend, and I had a wonderful time. It is truly amazing to be in a room full of people (2000 people came through the doors!) who share a common love. One of my favourite parts of fiber events is the ongoing fashion show - new sweaters, bright colours, favourite shawls, felted bags, and so much more, all on display! Random strangers compliment each other all day long, bringing such a positive air to the event. Hell, I don't even mind when people touch me to better see my knits at shows, and I do not like to be touched. It's just a big, happy, knitterly appreciation-fest.

My view, for the entire show. I was afraid to leave my booth, because there were so many gorgeous things to buy and I can't be trusted with my own cash-box.

So, what did I wear, you ask? My new sweater!

Also, new hair! Fun, yes?

I made Reverb, by Tanis Lavallee, from the Brooklyn Tweed Wool People collection. The pattern didn't quite include my size so there were several modifications to be made. I increased the raglan shaping a few more times, widened the cable motif so it wouldn't be lost on my ...generous... frame, and added shaping in the hip to better fit the sweater to my body.

And the fit is damn good, if I say so myself.

The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in the Cadet colourway. The buttons, which I really think make the sweater, are from my local button and yarn money-sinkhole shop, the Button and Needlework Boutique. I love Wool of the Andes for its price, colours, and good sensible woolliness, and as I have nearly itch-proof skin (and I'm stubborn as a mule when it comes to minor discomfort - I refuse to give in to itchies), I can happily wear the sweater over just a tank.

I would definitely recommend this pattern to any more experienced knitter. I normally refuse to pay for patterns that don't come in my size (call me a bitch, but seriously dudes, why pay if you have to rewrite it anyway) but I've worked with Brooklyn Tweed patterns before and I know how well written, clear, and simple they are. The schematics are almost orgasmically good. Modifications were a snap, especially because I could try it on as I went. My only complaint about the finished sweater is that I would've liked to make the collar higher. Oh well, it looks fab and that's what matters.

So there you have it! More on my Knit City weekend purchases soon :)