I have always wanted to knit myself knee high socks - I am extremely gifted in the calf-size department, so commercially made knee-highs are a no-go. There are some amazing patterns out there, but again, giant calves. However, I am more than comfortable in my sock knitting skills, so I decided to wing it, from the toe up. To make the whole project even better, I decided to use handspun.

The fibre was this pile of superwash merino and nylon gorgeousness from Smith and Ewe:

Which made an enormous amount of light-fingering weight n-ply:

Which made this boss-fight worthy pair of socks:

They were knit from the toe up with a Fleegle Heel. I increased as needed in the calf (A LOT, for the record). Rather than relying on ribbing to hold the socks up, I worked in stockinette until they were tall enough, doubled my stitches, and double knit for a few rows, creating a casing for some elastic. I am so proud of those cuffs...

Check out all the increases! Badass... Sorry for the blurry picture, it's unbelievably difficult to take a picture of the back of one's calves without falling over.

Aren't they pretty!?! I'm looking forward to cool weather so I can actually wear them.