I have this grand idea that when I finish things, I'll put them on the blog. That said, if sharing is caring then I'm a heartless bastard. So yet again, here's a big post full of all the things I forgot to show you. Handspun things this time! Beware: so many pictures ahead. If you don't like pictures of pretty yarn... Are you lost?

Corespun, from a batt by

Blushing Ewe

Super bulky n-ply, "Chavalier" on Falkland from

Fat Cat Knits

Shetland in "Porch Blanket" from

Edgewood Garden Studio

Inglenook Fibers

batt, "Camelot”

My first finished supported spindle yarn - a local alpaca/merino/tencel batt.

A crazy art batt from

Spin Culture

called "Firetrap"

And since I got the Lendrum just recently:

"Silver Threads Among the Gold" BFL from

Edgewood Garden Studio

Merino/Silk Laceweight from

Muse Fibreworks

Fabulous glitzy layered batts from

Caliope's Fibre

There's more on the bobbins, but it'll have to wait!