Not a real hangover, I'm just work-tired. It makes me bad at math and let me think that I had misplaced $275 from the cash box. No worries, Jacob is less logic-impaired than I am, and fount it hidden in the cracks of my terrible spreadsheet. Which isn't a euphemism for anything. Ew.

Knit City was a blast - it was a well organized show with great vendors, teachers, and attendees! To all of you whom I was lucky enough to meet for the first time, or to reconnect with, thanks so so much for coming by the booth, saying "Hi," fondling yarn, and even taking some home with you! As much as I love my dyeing work,

you guys

are the reason I keep at it when things get stressful or monotonous. You rock. Knit night and yarn shows are pretty much the only times I willingly come out of my shell (extreme introvert + stupidly shy = hermit), and it's all because of the awesomeness of crafters.

Wanna see pictures? Warning, they aren't great - the lighting wasn't playing nicely with my camera.

Booth, right

Booth, Left

Pretty fibre

Pretty yarn

Pattern and yarn samples (missing: the new Angelus sample I finished at 1:30 Friday night) and fancy sock yarn!

Moments before the market opened...

5 minutes after this pic, this giant room was in happy shopping chaos!

And, of course, my haul! I shopped more than I meant to, but all of it was from new-to-my-stash vendors which makes me happy. Clockwise, from top: Layered batts, from

Caliope's Fibre

, Bordeaux top from

Muse Fibre Works

, Superwash Sock Twist (Self Striping!!) in "Malevolent Mixture" from

Doctor'd Yarn

, Spark in "Siren Song" and Boneshaker in "Cthulhu" from

Little Red Bicycle

, and

Jane Richmond's

brand new book, Island.

Thanks, Knit City crew. I'll see you again next year!