Do you join in on KAL's? CAL's? SAL's? SALKAL's? In other, more intelligible words, do you participate in craft-alongs?

I do, and I don't. I look forward to the Tour de Fleece from the day the previous one ends, and my favourite Ravelry spinning group has a great spin-along, also know as the asskick club, to help everyone accomplish goals. But knit-alongs? Not so much. Except this one.


Shannon of luvinthemommyhood hosts the best knit-alongs. I watch them all from the sidelines but don't join in, because I'm dull that way. I don't know how I missed the fact that she had her Summer Sweater Knit-Along planned, but it popped up in my facebook feed today and I want to join! I happened to cast on a sweater after midnight last night, and today is cast-on day. Serendipity!

I'm making

Veera Valimaki's Folded

, using Tosh Merino Light in Amber Trinket as the contrast colour to Gaia's Colours Mama Quilla Fingering (same base!) in a fantastic purple. It was originally a beautiful neon-lilac, but apparently that colour makes me look like death. I overdyed it to what I am calling "Electric Aubergine"

Look! Proto-Sweater!

So, if KAL's are your bag (apparently for once they are mine), join the fun!