So this sock has a history. When I prepare my self-striping skeins, I wind them out a certain way, tie them securely, and then loosely tie each stripe-section in a knot for safekeeping during storage. I soak them still tied, and then untie them when I'm about to apply dye.

This one time, I had it all ready to go, and separated the three sections of a self striping skein. Guess what? I had forgotten the all important step of "tie securely" from up at the beginning there. The whole sopping wet thing disintegrated in my hands - great loops of yarn were slithering all over the place and becoming horribly tangled. I didn't have time to figure it out so I threw it in a dyepot to think about what it had done. Later, I was still angry, so I threw the remaining colours of dye that had been prepared that day in the pot with the tangled skein, and stabbed it repeatedly with a spoon while loudly cursing. On the way to Abbotsford last week I slowly but surely untangled it while Jacob drove, and eventually I was able to cast on a sock to use as a sample of my Signature Sock base. This is that sock.

The colour is accurate in the first photo, but the second was too pretty not to share. And yes, i will be pressure washing the porch very soon. I am not a moss farmer.

Check out that there sock blocker - that's a wire hanger and a few minutes with google right there. I recommend checking it out - you can very comfortaby make a blocker for a women's 8 - 9 sock with something you already have in your house. And seeing as the cheapet sock blockers on the internet are $15, that's a good DIY project.

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