Sometimes you need to spoil yourself, or your favourite knit-worthy friends. That's where delicious Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (fondly called MCN by its fans) sock yarn comes in. I've been looking forward to bringing an MCN base into my shop for some time,

and it's finally here!

It's lovely stuff. Very soft, very warm, and very squishable in big, lofty skeins. It takes colour with the enthusiasm only superwash wool can bring to a dyepot (ask any dyer about their first adventure with superwash - it'll exhaust your entire pot of dye before the skein is even fully immersed, if you let it), and it's got a snuggly cashmere halo that just can't be beat.

Crab Apple Jelly

Fan Fiction

Glen Coe

Sylvan Shadows

I think this stuff needs to be cuddled to be truly believed. I can't wait to set a few skeins aside for my very own!

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