I've been a horrible blogger lately. I don't want to only blog about my shop, but it's pretty much the only crafty thing I'm doing that isn't Christmas knitting. Seeing as I can't go showing everyone their Christmas presents in October, I just have to bite my tongue.

However, with the approach of fall comes the irrepressible desire to cook ALL THE THINGS. I don't know if it's the bountiful harvest that gets me, or the innate urge to gorge myself in preparation for hibernation, but whatever it is, I can't stop thinking about recipes. In honour of my hibernation urge I'm going to be sharing a few favourite recipes in the coming months.

You know what recipes need? Cute cards to write them on. We found this adorable recipe card with my grandmother's cookbooks last winter. I LOVE this recipe card. So, I'm sharing it with you. Use it to store your favourite fall recipes, or print it off and give it, with the recipe written down, with a batch of cookies as a frugal but thoughtful holiday gift.

Just click on the photo to be taken to a full-sized downloadable image. Enjoy!

The original, complete with delightful aged paper.

Cleaned up, for your black-and-white printing needs.

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