I finished knitting something! Even better, it's not a present for someone else! I love knitting for me, me, and only me. I actually knit for myself fairly often, but I've been feeling neglected lately with all the gift knitting.

I just finished

Janneke Maat


Aragorn Socks

. It's a great (free!) pattern with a really interesting gusset and heel turn. Because it is translated to English there are a few bits that I had some trouble figuring out, but nothing major.

I used Cascade Heritage Paints, in the creatively named 9922 colourway. It's lovely yarn and the colour is really fantastic. It feels a bit cottony compared to some wool sock yarns, but it's soft and the other socks I've made from it have held up well.

It's got a nice twisted stitch pattern, which doesn't show as well in the pic as it does in real life. Just so you know though, only the sole of the foot is done in regular knit stitches, everything else is knit through the back loop.

Remember last time I wrote about a pair of socks I said it was good no-one could see me taking pics of my feet? Someone saw. And spent the whole time looking at me sideways. Literally.