Have a look at my pics of my vendor tent! This is just as the marketplace opened and the feeding frenzy began.

That's Jacob in the orange shirt. He was an awesome helper. My mum also came to my aid - I had no idea it would be so busy!

What a day! It was great to meet so many fibre artists - one woman even gave me a bite of her delicious oatmeal cookie when I told her it looked tasty. Knitters (and crocheters and felters and spinners and weavers) are, as a rule, awesome people.

That up there is the whole display - fibre, accessories, yarn, and patterns!

 Mmmm yarn... It looks nice all piled up like that.

 It felt so great to meet people who liked my work. I feel validated! Having people buy my handspun was particularly wonderful.

The location was perfect - the natural sunlight and the shade in the orchard was wonderful for showing off delicious colours.

I take my (imaginary) hat off to the Fibrations organizers. It was a fantastic event that I am proud to have been a part of.

I'll see you there next year!