I have been so busy lately trying to get ready for Fibrations, and part of that preparation is getting as much handspun ready as possible. I'm also trying to get at least one more pattern published before then. Add to that the usual website maintenance and blogging, and as you can imagine I spend a lot of time parked on my backside, generally in front of the computer. I've started listening to loads of knitting podcasts to keep the whole experience less ...well... boring.

I haven't listed any Wednesday links for a while (I was hoping you wouldn't notice) so I thought it would be good to share my favourite knitting podcasts today.

The Knitgirllls is a great videocast and is very popular. It's like chatting with friends at knit night. I think this 'cast is set apart by how much fun Laura and Lesley seem to be having, and by its quality. They also have a big community on Ravelry.

Never Not Knitting is designer Alana Dakos' thoroughly enjoyable audiocast. I love that she interviews other designers. It's a very knitting and design focused show, with fun additions like 'knitting stories' from guests.

Just One More Row is another great audiocast. Dana and Brittany seem like really nice people, and they are very engaging. They talk about knitting and spinning, and their frank reviews are great. They talk about a lot of different patterns and yarns which is awesome when you are looking for a little inspiration.

Complex Texture is a weekly videocast, which happens to be by one of my favourite professors from university, Dennine. The real treasure in her 'cast is the 'footnotes' section, in which she looks at the textile arts from a more scholarly angle.

The Pagan Knitter is a new audiocast by Ursa, the mastermind behind Gaia's Colours, an indie yarn company that she has since closed down. Her recordings and editing are of wonderfully high quality. She talks about all sorts of fibre arts related fun, but also does a section on Pagan topics. She is very informative and well spoken. Both Ursa and Dennine of Complex Texture are local to me, which is fun (for me, and for you if you are too!).

Brass Needles is my new favourite audiocast. Miss Kalendar combines knitting with in-depth conversation about science fiction, steampunk, and general geekery.

What podcasts, knitting related or otherwise, do you listen to?