So normally I like to post something funny on Fridays, but I've just not been feeling it today. I'm grumpy. I think the length of the Canada Post lockout is finally getting to me. I'm more than a little irritated to have my business put on hold - I don't even know how I feel about the whole mess, politically. The postal workers make more money than Jake or I ever have, and the postal service is being underhanded. It's just a pissoff all round. I'm really touched that my customers have been understanding about the fact that I can't ship their yarn and fibre right now - you guys are so great :) It's all bagged up and sitting on my desk, taunting me with its unmailableness.

Add to that the fact that a cute, fluffy, adorable, stinky, mean, sneaky, bastard raccoon just ate most of my zucchinis and all my ripe strawberries out of my very first successful veggie garden, and I'm just a big grumpy gus.


On the brighter side of life, (to which one should always look, I hear) I got an amazing deal on some yarn today - I want to make a stole to wear over a dress for my cousin's wedding, and I was able to get some amazing yarn, as well as the pattern booklet I was coveting, for $35 at one of my local yarn stores' summer inventory sale.

Diamond Luxury Collection Pima Lino laceweight! Pretty...

Check out these patterns! Yum.

I'll be making the

Cold Mountain Stole by Kieran Foley

. It's a free pattern from the summer 2009 Knitty.

By the way, the new issue of


just came out, and it has some great patterns! I've queued several already. I particularly like the "double heelix" sock pattern - it's so unusual!

Ok, so I'm still not feeling funny, but at least I feel a bit better. Knitting is the best therapy. Now I've got to go madly knit my tempest cardigan - I really want to get it off the needles before starting my Cold Mountain.

Here's to looking on the bright side!