Isn't it amazing how time flies? I was away this long weekend visiting the in-laws and suddenly it's Wednesday. Honestly, how does a girl keep up? Anyway, I missed my Monday shop update and I don't think there will be a link post today either (sorry I'm knee deep in post travel laundry). So what do I have for you? I have a mini

shop update

- a mere two braids of fibre - and an exciting bit of show-and-tell!

This is my beginner sliver in 'Amazon'

- Expect to see this colourway again! It's even prettier in real life.

This is also the beginner sliver in 'Saxe Point'

- I named it for our local fibre fest market location, only to find out two days later that the festival is cancelled! Sad...

So, show and tell time! Guess what I had delivered to my in-laws' place? My wheel! It's awesome and I love it and want to marry it, but I don't think Jake would approve, he's too old fashioned. I only have two crummy pics so far, because I was really far more interested in using it for spinning purposes after I got it assembled last night. It's a Fricke S 160 ST. I bought it without ever trying it out, and it's my first wheel. I know this isn't generally a good idea, but it sure worked out for me. I'm very happy.

Pre-assembly. It wasn't difficult at all, but then again I've had years of Ikea preparation.

In action! That's a little half size braid of the beginner sliver I used to test some dyes, and I love how it spun up. It's not the fanciest, highest quality fibre out there, but it sure is great for someone like me who is learning and wants to experiment.

I was able to spin 2.4 oz, wind a plying ball, and make a 2 ply, all in one evening! I love the speed and consistency of using a wheel. I'll show you the final skein (it's a little wonky, don't say I didn't warn you) when it's washed and dried.