In honour of the vegetable garden that I spent my weekend building and planting, I thought today I'd link some delicious vegetarian recipes that I love, or would love to try. All but one are easily made vegan.

Get the links after the jump (or stay here and drool, it's up to you).

  1. This is my very own Curry Coconut Squash Soup recipe. It's best used in fall when squash is cheap and fresh, but I won't fault you if you can't wait that long. It's AWESOME.
  2. I've used this Falafel recipe with great results. Falafel are so wonderfully filling and really very easy to make from scratch. Cheap too!
  3. Ricotta Gnocchi With Red Pepper Sauce. I don't need to say anything more, do I?
  4. I just learned about this Russian recipe - baklazhennaya ikra - the other day. It translates to 'eggplant caviar', and is supposedly just about the most delicious thing ever. Use it as a spread on crackers, hearty breads, or baked goods. I'm told it's killer with goat cheese. Here's a recipe I found!
  5. A dear friend of mine has just started a fantastic vegan food blog at Veg Jenski. Here's her delicious looking herbed home fries recipe... yum. Go send her my love, and check out her other tasty offerings!

If you aren't starving and dying to make at least one of these by now, I respectfully suggest there might be something wrong with you.