Our patio area has an unfenced drop down to our lower garden - it's the perfect opportunity for an insane toddler to cause herself some damage, get filthy muddy, and destroy all my hard gardening work in a single leap. I knew I needed to fence it off, but I couldn't figure out a safe, inexpensive fence that could be assembled cheaply and with my limited tools and building knowledge. Then I had an epiphany! Planter boxes! They were an easy project with dramatic results - I now have a veggie garden, fence, and continual source of smug satisfaction, all in one! You could do this yourself. I made 2 5'x1'x1' planter boxes using untreated cedar fence boards (pressure treated wood is a little poisonous for my veggie gardening tastes) and cheapo gardening soil, all for about $48. I used a handsaw, a hammer, and nails. And - get this - my plants are actually growing! I'm well aware that the planters are a little over full - I'll deal with it when it becomes an issue.

They look pretty sharp don't they?

Baby bean


This tomato variety is called Super Fantastic. I could hardly pass it up with a name like that!

I also had another brilliant stroke of insight - I was watering my mint next to my empty strawberry pot (I planted flowers in it last year, it was very pretty) and thinking 'gee it's a damn shame that I don't plan on planting anything in this cool pot this year' and then I went over to water my strawberries and I was thinking ' gee it's a damn shame that these berries are so potbound in these tiny little... AHA!' And so, Emma the Genius transplanted the strawberries into the strawberry pot. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

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