Well, Monday rolled around again (as much as I wish it had held off for a day or two - I spent most of the weekend getting my garden going and I'm a little stiff from carrying bags of soil around) and it's


update day!

I'm introducing a new spinning/felting fibre today - it's 100% wool sliver with a staple length of about 3.5" and a bouncy crimp. I spun up a little sample and it just loves the long draw. It's not a luxury wool, but it's a nice easy spin (drafts like a dream) and it takes dye really well. the price and quality are about the same as commercially dyed corriedale and blended top sold in local yarn stores, but with all the excitement of one-of-a-kind hand-dyed prettiness!

If you're a beginning spinner, or you've never tried before and you want something that won't break the bank but still looks amazing, this is the fibre for you! If you're more experienced and you want to spin something warm to make cozy cold weather accessories, you're in luck. It also felts nicely, if that's more up your fibre art alley.