Nom. I made these cupcakes with my friend Melissa yesterday. Yeah, that's a peanut butter cupcake, with a chocolate glaze, and it's the most delicious cupcake you'll ever make. They taste quite a bit like a peanut butter cookie, only milder and all moist and satisfying and made of cake.

I've made this recipe twice now, and it's come out perfectly both times, so I thought I'd share the link with you. And make you drool.

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This surprisingly easy recipe is on the

Canadian Living website

. I'm not always fond of their recipes - I've had more than one turn out wrong or be very obviously incorrect - but this one is a gem that I'll be making for the rest of my baking life. In fact, I'll have it memorized and when I am an old woman  I shall claim I invented it myself and it will become a time honoured family recipe.

Hungry now? Go on. You deserve it. It's Saturday, and you've had a long week.