Photos, pictures, slides, prints, kids' art - we've all got some sort of display-worthy memorabilia lying around. But how do you creatively display it if you aren't into scrapbooking? I have to admit, I hate scrapbooking.* The final project is nice, but the process is so not me. Most of my family photos are in a closet. I want to get my family's memories out into the light of day where they can be enjoyed, so I went looking for some inspiration.


Dear scrapbookers, I have great respect for what you do. It's a labour of love, if ever there was one. Just not my thing. Can we still be friends?

These crafty projects offer creative solutions for those non-scrapbookers among us who have photos to share.

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  1. Kodachrome Curtains? Yes please! I love the way light filters through this curtain - like a kitschy stained glass window.
  2. Frame your kid's art on the fridge! Little ones love having a place of honour for their creative efforts.
  3. This lampshade is a creative twist on the standard photo collage, and the tutorial shows a bunch of other cool ways to use the same technique.
  4. I am in love with this little lamp, made by the same creative genius as the curtain.

 How do you display your photos? Inspire me!