We bought some under-bed storage tubs the other day, and J decided that my yarn stash needed to be relocated, freeing up some space in the linen closet (inhabited entirely by crafty stuff) for some... you know... linens. I always thought my yarn stash was small and sensible, reflecting both my good taste (ha) and my slender pocketbook. I had noticed that the yarn wasn't staying on it's shelf very well - it kept leaping out at me when I opened the closet door. Still in denial, I assumed the lovely little skeins were just being affectionate; they wanted to be closer to me, or to frolic out in the light of day.

Yeah. Right. When I laid all the yarn out flat to organize it and take a picture for the 2011 'Flash Your Stash' thread on Ravelry, this was the result:

Organized by weight - lace at the bottom, bulky at the top.

The kitties have fleas right now. STAY AWAY FROM MY STRING!

I count 103 skeins. Wow.

It isn't an enormous stash like, say,



(seriously, click the links. She's got more yarn than all my LYS's combined) but it's pretty huge.

Time for a yarn diet. I pledge to knit only from stash this year. Unless I buy for a special project (like a Christmas present) that will be started immediately. Well... I may have to pick up a little something at the Victoria Fibre Fest this year. And I can't control what people give me as presents (wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?). But seriously, that's it.