When I saw

this photo tutorial

, linked through

One Pretty Thing

, I fell in love. It took me a year or so to find the space, but when we got a Kinect for Christmas and had to re-arrange the living room to increase our gaming space, the wall formerly occupied by the TV opened up a world (well, a small wall) of decorating opportunity. Check these out!

I found the books at Value Village for between $1.99 and $3.99 each, and the brackets came out to about $7.50. I love it when cheap projects turn out so well. To add sentimental value to all that hip shelf-y coolness, one of the books (far left -

How to Write and Speak Effective English

) is the same book that was re-purposed by

Ex Libris Anonymous

to become the note book I recorded every detail of our wedding plans in. Cute.

The peacock feathers were part of my wedding bouquet.

All the prettiness made me much less bitter about reorganizing what I had previously decided was an ideally arranged room. To be fair, the Kinect is the coolest toy we've ever had, but I had fun moping about it all the same.